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Welcome to Begnas Aqua Park & Restaurant, a premier destination by the picturesque Begnas Lake in Pokhara. As the top restaurant in Majhikuna, we create unforgettable moments for you. Our focus is on refreshment, a family-friendly atmosphere, and fresh culinary delights. Indulge in the exquisite flavors of Majhikuna grilled fish at our popular establishment nestled in the heart of Majhikuna. Discover the unique charm of Majhikuna with its blend of natural beauty and delectable cuisine, offering a delightful experience. Visit us at Begnas Aqua Park & Restaurant for a memorable dining experience, where our commitment extends to providing a family-friendly environment, delicious food, and cherished moments.


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Welcome to Begnas Aqua Park & Restaurant– your go-to venue for hosting fantastic events and functions by the breathtaking Begnas Lake in Pokhara. As the best restaurant in Majhikuna, we are your one-stop spot for celebrations with friends, family, and loved ones. Our flexible area is perfect for different events, providing a beautiful setting for all your entertainment needs. From delicious Majhikuna grilled fish to a diverse menu, our centrally located establishment is a popular choice among locals and tourists.

Celebrate your upcoming bundle of joy with a baby shower at Begnas Aqua Park & Restaurant. We take joy in being part of your special moments and ensuring they become cherished memories. Host your baby shower amidst the serene backdrop of Begnas Lake, creating an unforgettable experience for your loved ones. Our dedicated team is committed to making this celebration a joyous and memorable occasion for you and your guests. 

Celebrate your birthday at Begnas Aqua Park & Restaurant, where we offer a range of personalized facilities and services to ensure your special day is unforgettable. Our offerings include themed decorations, special cakes, complimentary items, memorable captures, and more to make your birthday extraordinary. As the best restaurant in Majhikuna, located near the picturesque Begnas Lake in Pokhara, we work hard to provide a unique and delightful experience for your celebration. Trust us to create lasting memories with our dedicated services and charming ambiance. 

Celebrate your anniversary at Begnas Aqua Park & Restaurant, where we ensure to make your special day unforgettable. Enjoy a reserved seat decorated with a themed theme, accompanied by champagne or premium wine exclusively arranged for you. With the dedicated aim of making every couple’s milestone celebration filled with love, happiness, and joy, we provide these facilities for our customers. Located near the scenic Begnas Lake in Pokhara, as the best restaurant in Majhikuna, we aim to create a unique and delightful experience for your celebration. 

Begnas Aqua Park & Restaurant offers photo and video shoot services to capture your special moments. Our skilled photographers and videographers use advanced equipment to ensure every detail of your celebration is documented professionally. Whether it’s an anniversary, birthday, or any significant milestone, our team is committed to providing you with memories that last. You can enjoy a reserved, themed setting by the picturesque Begnas Lake, complete with champagne or premium wine. 

Experience a private BBQ party like never before at Begnas Aqua Park & Restaurant. We offer a personalized setting with all the necessary items, allowing you to enjoy a barbecue session with your loved ones while taking in the beautiful views of Begnas Lake. Our team is ready to assist you with any service needs, ensuring that your BBQ experience is memorable. For a private and relaxed BBQ gathering with family and friends, choose Begnas Aqua Park & Restaurant and savor the moment in a scenic environment.




Begnas Aqua Park & Restaurant, located in Majhikuna, provides various facilities and entertainment options. Enjoy Majhikuna Grilled Fish, check out local restaurants, and experience the calmness of Begnas Lake. We offer recreational spots, places to eat, and a lake for added enjoyment. Whether you are looking for a quiet place to eat, a spot for a picnic, or a luxury hotel near Begnas Lake, we have got you covered. Our aim is to make your visit enjoyable. 

Begnas Aqua Park & Restaurant is dedicated to offering a great dining experience with excellent services. We are committed to delivering a fantastic dining experience with quality cuisine, including Majhikuna fish, in a friendly atmosphere with prompt service for memorable moments with your loved ones. Additionally, we prioritize cleanliness and hygiene, offering reasonable prices. 

At our bar, guests can enjoy a fantastic space with stunning views, live entertainment, and themed evenings. Enjoy breathtaking views, live entertainment, and themed evenings while sipping on a variety of beverages, including cold drinks, beers, wines, cocktails, mocktails, and more. Take advantage of happy hours for discounted drinks. Our focus is on ensuring customer satisfaction through excellent service and a pleasant ambiance. Discover our bar for a memorable experience with quality drinks and enjoyable surroundings.

Begnas Aqua Park & Restaurant provides a lively and entertaining atmosphere, featuring a spacious dance floor with a high-quality sound system, a skilled DJ, and impressive lighting effects. Our aim is to keep you dancing and entertained with different music customized to your preferences. Explore our venue for an enjoyable experience where you can be entertained to your favorite tunes in an energetic ambiance.

Jump into endless water fun at Begnas Aqua Park & Restaurant! Our big swimming pool is ideal for relaxation and play. Plus, we throw exciting pool parties in a roomy area, filled with cute inflatables for different games and enjoyment with your family, friends, and loved ones. Discover the water enjoyment at our pool for a refreshing and fun experience.

Enjoy scenic views at Begnas Aqua Park & Restaurant that add an extra touch to your dining experience. A delightful combination of Begnas Lake and natural surroundings, along with water fun and excellent hospitality, will make your visit enjoyable. Explore our venue for a simple yet charming experience with scenic views, water enjoyment, and great service.

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